Keep On Growing


The chicken coop now has a roof with shingles! We had to stretch the tiles Jonathan and Anna gave us but it fit just fine and we still have one piece left to cover the nesting box. The husband and father-in-law nailed it up. I wish I could have done it myself but that it is done is the most important part. We’ve been getting some interesting weather that’s been avidly chewing away the plywood we used for the roof.

I started cutting the wood for the nesting box but between babies and a cold it just didn’t get done. I still can’t picture how to assemble it because the wood is so fragile. I wonder how far glue will get us.

Then there’s painting the coop. We have to do that to help keep the plywood from falling apart.

Looking at these photos, it occurs to me the nails should be hidden under the next shingle up. Well, hell. I should’ve done it myself so I could complain.

Raised Beds

After about six inches of late spring snow the outdoor plants seem to be growing happily. The moisture did them more good than the cold did bad. The plants got partially frozen– think lettuce to close to the cold air vent in the fridge–but warmed slowly in the sun and seem to have fully recovered.

Our son had the honor of eating the first crop of the year, a pea-sized radish that was spit all over the rug. I ate what remained and it was lovely– spicy and crisp. I think we’ll have lettuce and pak choi soon as well.

Peas are raring to go as well. Today I stuck a old baby gate in the ground that they can hopefully cling to as opposed to wrapping those tendrils around the other plants.

Mother’s day planting is around the corner and I’m ecstatic to think of getting all these crazy tomatoes and eggplants out in the ground.



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