Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


I’ve made some changes to the chickens’ food and water. They’re growing so much it’s hard to keep up with food and water refills so I poked a hole in a old milk jug and set it in a aluminum pie plate. I think the principle is sound but the plastic is so weak it collapes on itself.

I want to try a sturdier bottle like a juice bottle.

The water seems to leak out too. I’m hoping that has to do with the crumpling of the jug.


The are going through food quickly too. We bought fifty more pounds of Purina mixed flock feed (they were out of grow feed) and it was something like $23. I am curious to see how long it lasts them.

I put the feed into a milk jug and cut a quarter-sized hole in it and set it in a plastic salad container. That seems to work well and last a few days at a time.

Coop Construction End in Sight

The in-laws are here so I’m hoping to have time to build the nest box, roof and paint the chicken shack. It will be glorious.

Chicken City Progress

The temporary chicken fencing is holding up and the beds they contain are looking nicely trampled. I’ll post pictures soon.


Plants and Weather

Spring is being spring and the plants in containers has been experiencing it as I’ve set them on the deck for about a week. They are sun burned/bleached/shriveled and many look worse for wear from wind and cold. I brought them in tonight because the low tonight is around freezing and we saw a little snow during the afternoon. I did leave.  Few outside because the pots were damn heavy so here’s wishing the the best.

I’m happy some plants look just fine, including ones in the beds.


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