Chicken City

Part of the thrill of having chickens is the fantasy that they will reduce the work to be done to prepare garden beds. A nong that vein I have started Chicken City. It it more Hooverville than Big Apple but we all start somewhere, right?

Basically I used left over hardware cloth, dowels and broomsticks, deer netting, and an old tarp to enclose the next two raised beds I want to till. It looks a mess and wouldn’t keep predators out except maaaybe hawks but it does provide shade and keep them in one spot. They seem to like it.

We started digging one of the beds but didn’t get far. I’m not sure if the chickens will have an affect on it but we will put them in the enclosure in the daytime for a week or two and see how it goes. If it works nicely, I’ll try to make a more functional enclosure.

In the meantime, we did dig and plant a third bed. Beets, carrots, scallions and parsley. It was a bed I used last year and I was happy to see worms in it. That seems like a happy sign.

Other Beds

My other two beds are growing slowly but look good. I’ve been hesitant to weed because I couldn’t tell the intended plants from the weeds but now I can tell them apart and the beds are looking neater.

Tender Plants

The indoor plants have outgrown the seed starter containers so I’m reporting them in old pots and recyclables like juice bottles and milk jugs. The plants look a bit shaken up from the relocation and the hodgepodge of pots looks more than a little crazy.


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