Plants, Indoors and Out

Outdoor Planting

It seems like things are taking longer than I expected with my outdoor beds. The radishes I planted at the end of February had a growing time of 23 days, I think, but they’re still not ready. And the others are barely recognizable.

We’ve had typical warm-cold and back again spring weather so maybe that is slowing things down. You can tell from all the apricot blossoms that have fallen on the beds they’re been through some crazy spring weather.

I had them covered for a week or two but as the plastic ripped in the wind I didn’t continue to replace it and now they have been uncovered for a least a week.

My second bed is littered with sprouts from the plants the previous owner grew there. I haven’t been weeding it because I am confused which plants are which.

We have been getting lots of precipitation for us so that have been nice.


Things are slowing down inside too. I think maybe the plants have reached the maximum size they can in the little pots they’re growing in. It’s hard to keep up with their watering needs. I can’t put them out til May 15 so they have another month and a half to go.


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