Chicken Update: Hawks, Ski Hills and Coops

Flapper: Rest in Peace

Sadly, we now have four instead of five chickens. Flapper, the Golden Wynadotte we suspected was turning into a rooster, was killed by a hawk. My husband and kids came home to find Flapper’s headless body by the back porch. After we disposed of it, a red tailed hawk landed in the same spot, probably looking for its snack. Thus ends the carefree backyard roaming of our chickens.

HeyHey: Adventurous Soul

Another reason we built an enclosure: one of our  Production Reds went missing…only to be found at the local ski hill.


When she (the red one in the foreground of the photo at top) went missing we figured it was coyote/hawk/cat related and we wouldn’t see her again. A friend suggested that we post a “lost chicken” notice on the local Facebook page so we did, thinking there was a slim possibility a neighbor would find her wandering around. Los Alamos is a small enough town that things like this happen.

Much to our surprise, we got a message from someone who found her not in our neighborhood but at the end of a ski run. Later a friend described asking a fellow skier  how her day was going and hearing that she found a red chicken. Small town.

So she took it home, fed it spaghetti and salad for dinner and contacted us through facebook. We still have no idea how she got out or got up the ski hill. She did get named Hey Hey (HeiHei) from this adventure though.

The Coop


This coop is functional now, but is far from done. At minimum, it still needs roofing, painting, and a nesting box. The roof is just plywood right now and is leaking a little but for the most part they are happy out there.

I gave up on it after we moved it up the hill in the back yard. It is very frustrating trying to rush building because kids are crying, needing nursing, etc. I passed the baton to my husband who finished the hardware cloth around the pen and cut the old the chickens can come in and out of.

They’ve been out there several nights now and seem happy with the arrangement. We brought them in during a wet, cold snowstorm where it got down to the 20Fs and they slept in a dog kennel, but other than that, they’ve been out in the coop.



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