Coop de Grace

Chicken Coop in Progress

After days of planning and lying in bed in the middle of the night thinking about it, we went and bought supplies for a chicken coop on Monday.

I made plans to use wood from the old shelves in the shed but after looking at them. I adapted the plans for new, fresh lumber. I found plans for a chicken coop that was similar to my idea on Purina’s website. That along with the idea for doors from the book Art of the Chicken Coop gave me a place to start. It’s amazing how plans and reality are so different.

Little details to think through. Things I didn’t see coming and had to go back and re-engineer. It makes me want to do more woodworking projects. Well, not until this is done.

In two days I built the floor, attached supports, attached two walls, detached the supports and put them on in a different way, tried to cut the top at an angle using a jig saw and horribly mangled it and attached part of the roof. It’s so hard to work for a uninterrupted stretch of time with the kids, especially a tool-loving toddler.

I still have to cut a board in half and attach it as the rest of the roof, patch weird holes, add a window or two, and doors. I’ll also want to make a nesting box, a smaller chicken-sized door, a roost, and a external chicken run. I broke the blade on my jig saw so I stopped for the day.

I’ll attach a drawing if I have time. It’s basically a 4 foot cube on 17″ legs. And a blast to build. And a husband-frustrating time suck.



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