Growing and Warming Up

Indoor Plants

Everything is looking good. The edamame is really taking off. I may have to re-pot them as they can’t go into the ground until May 15. I’m waiting for the melons and leeks we planted last week.

I have eight vegetables yet to plant: beets, carrots, stringless beans, scarlet emperor beans, corn, zucchini, scallions, and parsley. All the rest are either in pots or in the outdoor beds.

Outdoor Plants

Lots have been planted, some are coming up. There are definitely sprouts in the first bed but I’m not sure which are weeds and which are plants. Several sprouts are almost certainly weeds but I only weeded the most obvious ones. I think there’s overlap of seeds, especially in the bottom row, too.

Above is a grid of photos that recreate the square foot grid in my first raised bed.

My poly cover is ripping in the wind and rough handling. I posted a request for free plastic on the Buy Nothing Facebook page. After pricing it out, covers for all eleven beds, or even half, would be rather expensive.

I am saving milk and soda bottles to use as free wall-o-water heat retention for the tender plants that move outside. I’ve heard it works though not as well as the commercially designed ones.


The chicks are looking well feathered and it in the high 60s so they’re spending more and more time outside. I’m thinking of housing them in a dog crate within the metal shed to keep the a little safer. I’m not sure how many would fit happily into the XL dog crate. I’d probably need two. And, they are not insulated so it feels like a temporary solution.

Newly sprouted: radishes, peas?, lettuce?, kale?



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