More Seeds, More Growing

I dug and planted a second 4’x4′ bed. This time I amended it with free compost from the county ecostation. It certainly looks richer than the other bed.

I planted 4 squares each of broccoli (one per square), pok Choi (4/sq), spinach (9/sq) and swiss chard (4/sq), from left to right if you’re standing with your back to the fence.

I watered the two beds with some root fertilizer added in. I don’t think much fertilizer got out of the container though.

There may be sprouts in the first bed but nothing confirmed. I’m a little disappointed the radishes aren’t clearly sprouting yet. All the others I don’t expect much out of.

Inside, Elliot and I planted watermelon (about 6), cantaloupe (about 6), and leeks (12, in cans).

The edame seeds are really taking off. And the cilantro is starting to look like real cilantro. Even Elliot’s flowers seem to be sprouting.

The chicks are getting big too. They’ve been spending time “free ranging” in the back yard. They stay put pretty well. Graham is scared cats will hurt them but I think they’re big enough to defend themselves. Though, Graham definitely knows cats better than I.

Newly planted outside: broccoli, pak choi, spinach, swiss chard

Newly planted inside: cantaloupe, watermelon, leeks


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