Outdoor Planting

Setting Up the Cold Beds

Well that was a nice warm spell. It’s still low 50sF but cloudy with a drizzly rain and darn cool.

I set up a garden bed for cold plants.

Not too much to it. Husband, toddler and I dug up the grass in it, turned the dirt, pulled what looked like iris rhizomes and raked it smooth. I used two pieces of plastic tubing about 5 feet long to make arches and put cheap painter’s tarp plastic over it. The plastic I had laying around was only 3′ wide so I sewed it together (with my Hello Kitty sewing machine because I didn’t want to ruin my good machine.) It was getting a little windy so I did more of a half-assed job than I like but I’m beginning to get used to that with two kids and one of them always crying. (Right now it’s the little one.)

Tomorrow I’ll plant lettuce, kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts or chard in there.

Permaculture Class

I enrolled in a free Permaculture class. Getting back to my alternative agriculture phase I went through in college on “Ag Hall”.
And Chick Pics…


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