Warm Spell

Seeds are a-growin’

The weather here has been New-Mexico-sunny and in the 50’s so I’ve been experimenting with moving things outside.

The mini greenhouse is on the porch with a thermometer in it to see what tonight’s predicted low of 37F looks like inside the greenhouse plastic. It got up to 100F+ in the heat of today’s sun. I had most of the seeds in it for the warmest part of the day. I moved them in to a shelf by the SE window as it cooled. I think everything is showing seedlings except for the butternut squash. the edamame sprouts are dramatic and impressive– big and fat compared to some of the more delicate ones like eggplant or cilantro.

I’m hoping all the sunlight will curb the spindliness of my tomato and bell pepper sprouts and prevent it in my new sprouts.

I got an email today from a service I signed up for from The Old Farmer’s Almanac website. They send you a list of the plants that need planting in the next two weeks or so. According to them I need to start my lettuce, peas, broccoli and brussel sprouts “under cover or indoors” which is great because that’s what I’ve been thinking too. Tomorrow is busy but after that I’ll start covering, prepping and putting seeds in the beds. I am thinking I’ll use a semi transparent plastic by day and maybe a blanket at night? More research needed.

Chicks are a-chickin’

I’m happy to report the chicks are growing nicely. They are feathering out more and more. They heads and bellies are still chick down but the rest of them is a scruffy mix of old and new feathers.

Having chickens in my office is getting old. The smell and amount of poop they kick out of the enclosure is the worst part. This morning I got it into my head I was going to move them somewhere else. First it was the storage room, then, as the sun warmed up, it was to the backyard for the warm part of the day. I eventually came to my senses — they only have about three more weeks til they should be feathered enough to start transitioning outside–and decided to make do with what I have. I stapled cardboard to the outside of their pen to keep the poop in and changed their litter.

I did take them outside and let them wander in a jury rigged pen consisting of plastic sheeting taped to screen door screening and help up with three dowels and an old broom driven into the ground. High class, I know. It seemed like a successful outing for them and they are sleeping well tonight.

I put a stick in their pen to see if they were interested in roosting on it. Nope. They prefer the 2x4s holding the floor of their cage together. None of them are sleeping in close proximity to the heat lamp so I’m pondering how much longer we have to keep it on.

The Wynadotte is getting pushier. I’m hoping its the breed not the sex of the bird showing through.

Newly sprouted: cilantro, edamame


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