Spindly Starts

Who Knew Growing Plants in the Dark is a Bad Idea

Life got in the way and I left my seedlings in the dark too long. (Isn’t that a song by Merle Haggard?) Their spindly-ness seems to indicate they are working too hard to get some sunlight.

I brought them in and set them up in sunlight without their “greenhouse” plastic cover. We have windows all over the house so I’m not sure what type of exposure will be best so I’ve put them in two different windows-with NE and SW exposures to see what seems to work well.

Making Pots Because I’m Cheap

I found an interesting way to make newspaper pots so I don’t have to buy more. They have the added benefit of letting the plant avoid some degree of replanting shock because they can be planted along with the seedling.

They take a minute or two to make, which quickly adds up, and they require a tray to hold them. I’ll make a few and see how they go. I’ll try tin cans too. I see people using egg cartons but they seem so shallow. The egg cartons, not the people.

Newly sprouted: eggplant, edamame


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