Things Are Growing

Yay, Growth!

My seedlings are starting for the 100 Hybrid and Best Boy tomatoes, red bell peppers, and basil. The eggplant and cilantro haven’t come up yet. I need to start thinking of moving they to a place with better light than the workshop. I want to rig a plastic lined box to contain the water from the mini greenhouse and bring them inside. I still need to find something to replace the lost shelves too.

Some Planting Too

I planted 18 Edamame and 24 Waltham Butternut Squash starts. I didn’t soak or do any preparation for them come to think of it. Am I supposed to? I don’t see anything about it in this article from Mother Earth News about edamame and they don’t mention soaking so I’ll take their word for it. I’m starting both of these because they have such long growing seasons of 90 and 100 days so I am guessing they’ll need a head start in our Hardiness Zone 6a where the last frost is around Mother’s Day.

I’m excited about the squash because my baby has just started eating food and seems to love butternut squash. I suppose all that could change in 100 days though.

And Look at These Chicks Grow!

Our chicks are starting to look a lot more chicken-y, with real feathers and chicken attitudes.The Wyandotte, or Flapper as our son has Christened her, seems to be the most aggressive, but they all seem to be doing their share of chasing and intimidating one another. Yesterday I saw they are starting to sleep with their heads tucked into a wing, and they like to roost on the 2 x 4 bumps in their cage.

They seem less bound to the heater lamp, too, spending most of their time racing around or under the shelter of the dining room chair.

We’ve started giving them small amounts of scraps. A toddler-handful of peas, leftover spaghetti. They also had a chance to try zucchini, a Goldfish cracker, and a banana peel but these didn’t seem to appeal to them.

And, damn, do they stink. I guess it’s been several days since I have changed their bedding and need to do so. They have a tarp, a blanket, then pine needles down on the floor of the cage. I want to wash the blanket but the dryer is conveniently broken and it’s too cold to dry things outdoors. Plus, I’m lazy. So I have our air filter running full tilt in my office/the chick room.

Solar Power?

We’re also looking into getting a solar system for our house. We are arranging a free estimate from Positive Energy Solar to see how viable it is. I’m excited to find out how much prices have gone down since I last looked into solar about ten years ago. Tax credits, baby!

Newly planted: butternut squash starts, edamame starts

Newly sprouted: basil, red bell pepper, cherry tomato, best boy tomato


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  1. Good luck with all your adventures. You must live somewhere warmer than me as I am unable to start very many seeds yet but will be putting the greenhouse up before too long.
    Stopping by from


      1. That is about when they predict my areas last frost to be as well but I’m in Pennsylvania. I’m not sure exactly when to plant everything either so good luck and hopefully you will have great success. I always write down when I plant and started seeds and such so I can reference the following year to know what worked and what didn’t so I have an idea on when to start them for the future. I think it’s all trial and error though


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