Chick Box, continued

Here it is. I abandoned the floorboard box disaster and created the upside down table disaster. The upside down table seems to contain the chicken and hasn’t injured anyone yet. With 1/2″ staples and a lot of cursing I stapled chicken wire around 3/4 of the table’s sides before I ran out. I stapled cardboard to the the side against the wall. Lined it with an old tarp, a blanket and pine needles from the back yard.

I hate chicken wire. I need to do a little research before using it again. Either there’s a trick to it I don’t know or I want to find another product. It’s a pain in the ass.

We had trouble finding a way to hang the light at a good height, hence the dining room chair. I may screw a board into two of the legs but not this morning.

The goal was to have a place for them they can’t escape as we go to Santa Fe today and I think we met that goal. I wish I didn’t lose my temper a dozen times in doing it, but you can’t have everything.


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