New Project: Raised Beds!

Oh my, where to begin. After a couple years of general neglect, the beds need some sprucing up. The house’s previous owner planted lots of lovely plants in them that I’ll need to transplant, though my previous attempts resulted in me just murdering plants en masse.

There are eleven 4′ x 4′ beds. I want them all to house vegetables. There’s so much potential (and potential work) here it’s overwhelming.

I figure in the best possible world I will:

  • dig out the current plants and replant them elsewhere in the yard
  • turn the soil
  • test the soil for pH and nutrients
  • figure out what the hell the tests mean and amend the soil as needed
  • put chicken wire at the bottoms of the beds to keep out the gophers that have taken over
  • create some sort of covers to extend the growing season

Whew. That sounds exhausting.


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