On Trying to Build a Frikin Box for Chicks

I need a new chick enclosure because the chicks are big enough to get out of the swimming pool, and meet disaster when they can’t find their way back to the heat lamp.

And how hard can it be to put together a quick box to contain chickens.

I plan to eventually use our metal shed for the chicks so I pulled all the pack-rat-poop infested stuff out of there including about a dozen pieces of wooden flooring and thought this would make a fine skeleton to cover with chicken wire and pop some chicks in.

I tried nailing it but the nails would bend and split the wood so I bought a handful of screws. I got 1 5/8″ fine-threaded drywall screws (because they were cheap–$4.49 a pound) but they also split the wood, including the 2 x 4 blocks I was using at the joints.

I didn’t have enough wood to put in much needed supports either. I really wanted to use throwaway pieces to make this for free but it just didn’t work. Lesson learned.

I don’t feel safe with a splintery, poop covered chicken wire box in the house with my 2 1/2 year old and baby so I’m scrapping the idea. I think I’m going to turn my “work table” (it’s a platform twin bed made out of plywood and 2.x 4 s) upside down and wrap chicken wire around it. Wish me luck with that.



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