New Project: Chicks!

What We Got

This past Saturday, February 18th, 2017, we all drove to Española to buy some chicks. We ended up spending a little more than $30 and getting five chicks and basic chick supplies:

  • a plastic feeder that screws on to a canning jar
  • a waterer that has a small rim for them to drink out of, minimizing how wet they can get themselves
  • a heat lamp and bulb (we bought a 250 watt red bulb that blew the moment we plugged it in and replaced it with a 120 watt white one)
  • 15 lbs of “Growth” chick feed
  • …and chicks! Two Buff Orpingtons, two Production Reds, and a Golden Wynodotte

Where We Put It

They are currently residing in our foyer in a kiddie pool with newspaper and pine needles as bedding. I have a cheap thermometer under the lamp to make sure it’s staying hot enough for them. They are growing remarkably fast and will need a new cage soon. They can already hop out of the swimming pool but don’t seem to want to.

Why We Got What We Got

I wanted Rhode Island Reds, Orpingtons or Barred Plymouth Rocks but after some quick googling picked from what they had on hand. The guy at the store said they are about 90% females. I’m hoping we don’t get any roosters as we want eggs not meat and I don’t know what I’d do with a rooster.

We want about three chickens so we bought two extra, well, in case some die. I’m already getting attached to them so let’s hope we just have a few too many chickens.


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